About Us

The StreetCornerTCG Team!


Cory "CKbudzatstreetcornertcg"

Cory has been an avid gamer his entire life, and a Poke fanatic since pulling two Base Set 2 Charizards back to back on his 9th birthday! Cory can most commonly be found scrolling through TCGPlayer drooling over any and all Charizards saying "not like this."  

Favorite Pokemon - Charizard/Arcanine 

Least Favorite Pokemon - Meltan "What is even that?"

Favorite Pokemon Card - Skyridge Charizard


Jake "JakefromStreetCornerTCG"

Jake has been a gamer his entire life and played nearly every handheld Pokemon game. He has been collecting since he was a kid going to WalMart with his grandfather to get those Pokeman packs. After an extended break from collecting he began getting back into Pokemon in 2021. Jake can most commonly be found scrolling through the Japanese exclusive promo section of Ebay saying "thats gasss."

Jakes Favorite Pokemon - Pikachu/Umbreon

Least Favorite Pokemon - Rattata

Favorite Pokemon Card - Gold Star Pikachu